Does Blackjack card counting technique really work?

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Finished with how to play Blackjack card, let’s turn to some strategies. Card counting is one of the top blackjack techniques. which we have heard and may have used before. Now let’s see if this method actually works or not? If you put it in simple terms. The card counting technique in blackjack is 100% effective. But not 100% for two reasons: first, online blackjack. (video blackjack) produces results using a random computer generated (RNG) system.

And if we turn to Blackjack techniques, how to play card counting when playing with Live Dealer Live Blackjack? Of course this can be done. and memorizing/counting cards Especially the main cards such as Aces, Tens or low cards 4, 5, 6 will really help us to narrow down the results, for example, if all the low cards are gone. You can place more money. UFABET Because knowing that the rest of the cards are good cards, etc.

But… it’s a pity that most online casinos will shuffle the cards after every round. This is the second reason we want to explain. Because no matter what cards in the last turn will be issued If the cards are shuffled Counting or memorizing will not have any effect. to the results in the next round. The principle is the same if you apply this technique to baccarat card game

However, online blackjack is a fun game. because I have used the idea and also have a variety of sub-types to choose from Including having a low house edge Giving players a chance to win including using other techniques to increase your chances of winning which for all these reasons As a result, blackjack continues to be a popular game for a long time.