Inter Milan finished second in their group after drawing 0-0 with Sociedad.

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Inter Milan only tied Real Sociedad 0-0 in the final group stage match last Tuesday Finished 2nd in the group.

Both teams have advanced to the next round. But there is still a mission to compete for the group championship among themselves. With Inter Milan choosing to use Alexis Sanchez to play up front alongside Markus Thuram. While Real Sociedad has Takefusa Kubo and Umar Sadiq leads the army.

The first 2 minutes of the game started. Inter Milan were greeted first by a corner kick that Juan Cuadrado opened for Hakan Chalanolu to shoot from in front of the penalty area. But the ball didn’t enter the box  ทางเข้า UFABET  

Sociedad had a chance in the 27th minute when Umar Sadiq opened the ball for Miguel Merino to shoot from the right in the penalty area. But it’s just a bit blocked by Inter players.

Inter almost got it in the 36th minute from a counter-attack. Alexis Sanchez reached the end of the back line before turning into the middle. Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s shot was blocked from behind. But at this moment the ball that Alexis launched came out of the back line first.

The second half started 5 minutes ago.

And Inter almost got it when Real Sociedad didn’t get the ball out well so it was cut off.  Chalanolu pumped the ball high into the goal. Thuram looked for a volley but didn’t hit it completely causing the ball to go out of bounds.

In the 75th minute, Inter fans were shocked when the referee gave Sociedad a penalty after Takefusa Kubo’s move was fouled by Hakan Chalanolu. But the referee checked VAR before changing the decision. Kubo dived and received a yellow card, so Inter did not concede a penalty.

After that, no goals occurred, Inter Milan tied Real Sociedad 0-0, making it 12 points equal. The results of the two meetings were both draws. But Sociedad was the group champion because of goal difference. Every game is better.