Master the basics of drawing 5 cards.

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Master the basics of drawing 5 cards. This format has alternative rules that can be agreed upon before the game starts. Such as whether to use the Joker and Wild Cards or which cards are high and low. The object of the game is similar to Texas Hold ‘Em: to get the best 5 card hand possible. But within the scope of your own 5 card without any common cards.

  • Set your betting structure by deciding whether you will play fixed-limit, pot-limit or no-limit.
  • Decide on a dealer by asking: Depending on the group you’re in and the place you’re playing in, the dealer may be selected or individual players can pull their positions. Organizers or hosts may choose to take action first.UFABET 

Learn to draw 3 cards.
 In this game, players start by making bets in advance. The dealer and the player are each dealt 3 cards and the player must decide whether to bet, play or fold. Eventually the dealer will turn their cards for the showdown and whoever has the best hand wins.

  • As with drawing 5 cards, you can choose to change the rules if you’re playing at home. For example, the Joker can be a wild, which means it can substitute for any card value.