Poker hands from highest to lowest.

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No matter what type of poker you play, the hands are always the same. To start familiarizing yourself with the different hands. Type in a “summary” and study it. Then memorize the different hands so you can easily remember bets them. 

Here are the winning poker hands from highest to lowest:

  • The highest ranked hand is Royal Flush (Royal Straight Flush) . This hand has 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit of the same type (clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades) can be tied. but can’t be defeated by another set’s dynasty flush.
  • A straight flush consists of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • 4 of a kind means that you have 4 cards of the same rank (but of course different suits) and a fifth card of any rank (eg 4 aces and 9). If you have 4 aces no one can have an ace. H in hand, so there is no Royal Flush.
  • Full House has a 3rd matching card of 1 rank and 2 matching cards of another rank.
  • Flush consists of 5 cards of the same suit. These are skipped in order or sequence. but from the same set
  • Straight , 5 cards of consecutive rank. but from more than one set
  • 3 of a kind means you have 3 cards of the same rank plus two unmatched.
  • 2 pairs consist of two cards of one rank plus two cards of another rank. (different from the first pair) plus one unmatched card.
  • Pair means that you have 2 cards of the same rank and 3 unmatched cards.
  • A high card is the lowest ranked card (called “nothing”). When there are no two cards of the same rank, the five cards are non-consecutive and not all cards come from the same suit UFABET 

Tip: Keep in mind that if two people face each other with cards of the same type, the hand with the higher ranking card wins. If the hand has exactly the same cards (Cards don’t matter) It will be a tie and the prize, if any, will be split evenly.