Youri Berchiche hopes to return to playing football with fun again.

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Left-back Youri Berchiche of Athletic Bilbao hopes to return to playing football. With more fun and not being hit by injuries like in the past.

The 32-year-old left-back Youri Berchiche of Athletic Bilbao reveal. Ahead of Friday’s trip to Girona in the Liga stage. Expecting him to return to football with fun after have to Suffer from injuries for a long time since last season. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Thursday. 

The experience left-back has had a good start to the season. He unfortunately suffer a foot injury and his recovery was an unprecedente length of six weeks. Before he was fit again and make available to coach Ernesto Valverde UFABET.

‘It’s a long time since, I play football for fun.’ said the 32-year-old. ‘I hope to gain confidence in myself. The team is showing now that they are on the right track. I want to enjoy it again and find my good feelings again.’

‘I have confidence from my coach and my teammates. We are in a very exciting season. If things continue like this’

Yuri also speke about his injuries. ‘I didn’t expect this season. Last season altogether nine months [injury]. I had a really bad time. It seem to return to normal again and again. You’re having a really bad time. And with family support. it’s make a little easier. Now I hope to enjoy myself and not get hurt anymore.’