Manchester United 0 – Bayern Munich 1

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Manchester United needs to win and hopes for the other pair. Copenhagen and Galatasaray to finish tied to advance to the next round. Erik ten Hag sends Rasmus Hojlund. But there is no Marcus Rashford is sick, while Bayern Munich, who have already advanced to the next football round. Still have a full team with Harry Kane leading the offensive line.

Bayern had a chance to greet first in the 10th minute. Harry Kane received the ball from Kingsley Coman before trying to look far. But it did not pass through the hands of Andre Onana. ทางเข้า UFABET 

In the 14th minute, the Southern Tigers greeted harder, Joshua Kimmich had a chance to hit in front of the penalty area as well. The ball flew hard, but Onana was still able to defend it.

Manchester United got a chance in the 23rd minute. When Luke Shaw received the ball from Bruno Fernandes before setting his foot to strike in front of the penalty area. Manuel Neuer had to smash it over the crossbar.

Another 4 minutes later, Bayern almost scored a goal when Leroy Sane pulled into the penalty area before signing for Jamal Musiala to shoot. But Dalot poked his foot and blocked it at the same time. Let’s make the ball bounce narrowly out of danger. 

Manchester United’s situation started to get bad. When Harry Maguire was injured and couldn’t continue playing and had to send Jonny Evans on as a replacement in the 41st minute. After that, the first half ended tied 0-0.

In the 54th minute of the second half.

Manchester United had a chance from the moment Bruno snatched the ball from Kimmich in front of the penalty area. Before striking far away immediately But the ball turned out of bounds, unfortunately. 

The Southern Tigers had a chance to win in the 62nd minute. Harry Kane flowed the ball for Kimmich to run over and hit in front of the penalty area, but the ball flew high over the crossbar in a waste. 

In the 71st minute, Bayern Munich scored a 1-0 lead after connecting the ball in front of the Red Devils’ penalty area before Harry Kane poked the side of his foot for Kingsley Coman to escape and lure Ona. Worth highlighting, no mistakes.

During the remaining time, Manchester United were unable to equalize, resulting in the game ending with Bayern Munich winning 1-0. Manchester United thus finished in the bottom position of the group. Disappointingly eliminated and did not continue in the Europa League trophy 

As for the other result of this group, Cohenhagen beat Galatasaray 1-0 from Lucas Lerager’s winning goal in the 58th minute. Cohenhagen increased their score to 8 points and advanced to the next round. Ranked 3rd in the group, Galatasaray finished 3rd with 5 points, allowing them to play in the Europa League cup.